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2 ingredients make-up remover

...that removes even waterproof mascara, without plucking your lashes!

So the party is over. How to clean that not-so-fresh-anymore smokey eye that makes us look more like a tired panda than a high fashion model? And how to do this fast, using natural ingredients ?

Head to the kitchen and get these 2 ingredients:

- 1 vegetal oil (sweet almond, jojoba, grape seed or even olive oil), ideally cold-pressed

- 1 mineral water atomizer (you can upgrade to lavender, orange or rose water in a spray)

Mist your entire face generously with the water atomizer. Put a bit of vegetal oil on a cotton pad. Rub your eyes, face and neck gently. Wash off with water, pat dry with a towel...done!

The oil will efficiently attract any dirt or make up from your skin without stripping it from its natural oil, while water will make the mix easier to spread.

If you want to make a bottle of it, here is an easy recipe:


In a 100 ML glass bottle:

- 1g sea salt (to keep the 2 phases nicely separated!)

- 49g jojoba oil

- 49g distilled water (or floral water)

- 1g preservative* (examples of preservatives allowed in organic cosmetics: cosgard, preservative eco, leucidal)

*water based cosmetics must use a preservative to avoid fungus / yeast / bacteria growth!

What's wrong with commercial makeup removers?

Most of them (including expensive brands!) use mineral oils as key ingredients. Mineral oils are derived from the petroleum industry. They can't penetrate the skin and form an occlusive layer to prevent water loss. However they can be highly comedogenic (acne / blackheads) and sensitizing (redness, dryness...). Last, mineral oils are “empty ingredients” which do not bring any moisture or nutrients to your skin.

Think about it next time you make salad dressing!


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